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January 5, 2016 12:56 pm  #1

It Had To Happen - A Radio Station Devoted To The Radio Industry

Just when you thought you'd seen every format there is, comes this. The online entity will be out of the U.K., but will also focus on the North American version, as well. The real question: will anyone who does radio for a living actually have the time to listen to a radio station about radio?

"RadioTodayLive will use the station to stream live from radio events, including award ceremonies conferences. inRadio will also broadcast hourly news updates, and some exclusive programmes, plus special segments of archive audio such as bloopers, air checks and comedy radio sketches. Commercial breaks will be filled by adverts of interest to the radio industry.

Roy Martin, Founder and Managing Editor: “It’s always puzzled me why the radio industry doesn’t have a radio station of its own. Even dogs have their own radio station!"

More at the link.

Radio station all about radio set to launch

Facebook page

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