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June 9, 2020 11:56 am  #1

A Fascinating & Unusual Way To Get BBC News

I'm sure this isn't new or even interesting to everyone here, but I stumbled on a BBC News site I've never seen. And it helped me to discover I can understand a new language I've never spoken before! It's mostly for those in Nigeria and other African nations that speak something called "Pidgin English," which is widely used in that part of the world. 

So much so that the Beeb actually has a news section devoted to it. I'm not posting this here to make fun of it, but only to point out how amazingly simple it is to make out, even if you've never seen it before. I wonder how many staffers they have devoted to it? 

Here are a few headlines from today that show you how easy it is to get the gist:

Update on school resumption in Nigeria: See di latest on wetin dey happun ontop school reopening

Coronavirus update: Nigeria airports dey prepare to reopen, but e no go be business as usual   

George Floyd: Who be di man wey cause 'Black Lives Matter' protest worldwide?

What a fascinating and unusual way to read the news!

BBC Pidgin English Home Page