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June 2, 2015 12:16 pm  #1

Sportsnet’s TV Viewership Edges Past TSN’s For First Time

I suppose this isn't really a surprise, since SN has a stranglehold on the NHL. But the question remains: was it worth the cost in the long run, given the hit to Rogers's overall profitability? One thing from the linked article that surprises me is just how narrow that audience really is:

"Over the past 13 months Sportsnet’s six networks have averaged a combined audience 167,000, compared with 158,000 for TSN’s family of five networks. Among a sports broadcaster’s most precious demographic — men 18 to 34 — the Sportsnet channels averaged 21,000 viewers while TSN networks drew 17,000."

That's it? All that money for 167,000 viewers? And that's over six different channels! Even with the desired demos, I wasn't aware the numbers were so slim. Like most on the creative side of broadcasting, I'm lousy at math. What does that $5.2 billion for hockey rights translate to per viewer?

Sportsnet’s TV Viewership Edges Past TSN’s For First Time