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April 17, 2020 1:48 pm  #1

Ex-RB Hosts The Motts Put In Financial Bind By COVID-19

Remember Paul and Carol Mott. who fronted long running talk shows on both CKTB and CFRB over the years? 

If you ever wondered what happened to them, they dropped out of radio to start a dream business involving boarding horses and teaching riding to kids. Carol appeared on Jim Richards' show Friday, complaining that the shutdown of most businesses - including theirs - has put them in dire straits financially. Apparently, the government payouts don't cover extra fees including rent, veterinarian services, maintenance of the horses and more. 

Interesting but sad to hear what's become of these former broadcasters who spent decades on the air in Southern Ontario. I guess they could always try and come back to the medium they left - which, ironically, unlike what they do now, is considered an essential service. 

The Motts Equestrian Centre


April 17, 2020 6:31 pm  #2

Re: Ex-RB Hosts The Motts Put In Financial Bind By COVID-19

Interesting to hear about this. I see that audio is now available of Carol's interview today here. Their land is still (always) going to be worth something, a considerable asset, so worst-case scenario they shut it down, take that income, and move to a small house or condo somewhere. Not exactly the rural and horse-laden lifestyle they want to live, I'd imagine.