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April 6, 2020 12:13 pm  #1

Classic DJs Go Missing From WECK In Buffalo

Three greats are gone for now. And there seems to be some question whether they'll be back. According to the Buffalo News, Danny Neaverth, Jon Summers and Harv Moore are all off the air at the oldies station, supposedly as a safeguard for their health. (All are seniors, believed to be more susceptible to COVID-19.)

But the real reason may be shrinking advertising, and the inability to keep paying them. In the story, Neaverth has grave doubts about the changes - the presence of the classic DJs were believed to be one of the big things driving listenership - noting he's doing his bit from home every day. So how could his health be threatened?

“We were always reminded that WECK was not like those big uncaring media companies. In my three years at the station, my role constantly changed. Less than a month ago I agreed to a new position that involved five days a week commentary, on-air conversations with morning host Roger Christian and TV interviews for station sponsors. My morning humor piece was called "I’ve been Thinkin’. "

“The suddenness of the change has left me with at least 12 very funny bits. I would be happy to read them personally to anyone who is interested as long as you remain 6 feet away and toss me a 12-pack of toilet paper. "

Despite that assertion, the station insists they'll be back when the health emergency ends. That, as they say, remains to be seen - and heard. 

It's just one of several personnel changes at Buffalo stations, as the emergency takes its toll on bottom lines everywhere. 

Radio legends are off WECK as station deals with advertising losses