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February 16, 2020 3:25 pm  #31

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

RadioActive wrote:

Unless things change, they would either have to record a special edition for American consumption or seriously rework the CanCon. I'm not sure how "Mr. Monday" by the Original Caste, "Take Me Back" by David Clayton-Thomas and The Shays or "Mr. Heartache" by Pat Hervey - all of which were featured on the first show - would play in U.S. markets.

Also, Ashby has no real identity in the States, as he does here. 

Still, the show is good enough that it could win fans there, so who knows?  

True. The Original Caste's One Tin Soldier did make the Billboard top 40 but a cover by Coven did slightly better. Mr Monday bubbled under at # 119 on Billboard.

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February 16, 2020 5:40 pm  #32

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

They actually wouldn't have to change the program that much if they were considering US syndication.  With todays technology it's  easy to replace a couple of cuts and make changes in script for the show.  They would definitely need to solicit requests from the US, since people will be saying where they are calling from.  I bet in the next few weeks some calls from the US will start to trickle in regardless.

Even someone like David Clayton Thomas was known on US radio with Blood Sweat and Tears.  Before or after playing the cut, all he needs to do is mention BS&Tears,and reference that lead singer David Clayton Thomas is from Toronto who had success as an artist prior in Canada and here is one of his hits from his hometown before joining BS&Tears. He could even also play a BS&Tears cut to tie it in.  This does not turn off people who really love music trivia, or fans of BS&Tears, and Ashby is the best at background information on groups history and trivia.  And judging by the first show he is going to be playing some music that most listeners won't recognize regardless, and that will be a big strength of the show. 

All gold radio has a potential burn out factor and you need to have a few cuts to keep things interesting. And if his show ever does get picked up stateside, it will likely be on all oldies or gold stations, so the program will need a few things in addition to Ashby to make it a little different  Besides the David Clayton Thomas cut was excellent and fit in the show perfectly. Even Mr. Monday was played by CKLW and stations in the mid west and was heard over half of America.  If it got airplay,people will remember.


February 17, 2020 1:34 pm  #33

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

Looks like Roger's show is also on the iHeart app. I googled The Roger Ashby Oldies Show to see if any new stations came up and it was on the IHeart Radio site, it's playing right now.   It didn't come up yesterday. Must have just been put up around noon, the show isn't listed in the oldies category on the site. 


February 17, 2020 1:45 pm  #34

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

Here's something cool. This is a Sunday Morning Oldies Show on CHUM from May 27 2007, with a countdown of the very first CHUM Chart from May 27 1957.  Sounds like this has been scoped a little, and was aired on the weekend of CHUM's 50th year as a top 40 station celebration in May 2007.  Also some great little promo clips  celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this legendary station!


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February 19, 2020 12:31 pm  #35

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

Seems a bit late considering the first show has already aired, but Bell Media has now released an official press release for the new Ashby show. It doesn't tell you much new, but it does list all 16 affiliates that are taking the show at launch. All but one is in Ontario. The lone outlier - Halifax. Some other things to note - The Jewel 88.5 is listed as a Toronto station and all the stations are on FM, with the lone exception of CKWW in Windsor. 

Legendary Broadcaster Roger Ashby Returns to Radio for THE ROGER ASHBY OLDIES SHOW



February 19, 2020 4:25 pm  #36

Re: Roger Ashby's oldies show returning

Technically the press release is a little incorrect, the listing for the Jewel Station for Hudson is in Quebec, not Ontario. This station covers Montreal and especially the West Island.  Even though Roger Ashby isn't known in Western Canada, hopefully they will pick up some stations in the coming weeks out west.

 Sounds like Ashby's internet channel is going to be the show with a new edition added every week. Right now they are repeating the first program, so it will be great when more weekly programs are added.   I guess it is available on iHeartRadio in the US or will be, since I did hear a reference to covering North America on some station breaks twice during the first show.