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February 3, 2020 9:02 am  #1

No Reporters Left In T.O. Star Entertainment Dept. has reproduced a Tweet from former Toronto Star reporter Rob Salem noting that the newspaper has completely emptied its entertainment department. Movie critic Peter Howell and Tony Wong, who covered the TV beat, took a buyout and two others were transferred to the general newsroom, leaving the paper with an Entertainment section that has no one filling it locally. 

The Star had a rich history of reporters covering this beat and one of them, Greg Quill, even did a radio column on a weekly basis. Imagine! Those days are now over. I'm guessing they'll either combine it with their Life section, use cheaper freelancers, or just print syndicated pieces and Canadian Press filler to keep it going. 

What a shame they've done this to what was once, many years ago, my favourite section of the paper. 

You can read Salem's Tweet about the changes here.