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January 30, 2020 11:25 am  #1

NPR/Mike Pompeo/Freedom of The Press

This is an American news story but very emblematic of the boorish, bulling and anti-press atmosphere which the Trump administration has nurtured and promoted.

Mary Louse Kelly a solid NPR reporter and host with degrees from Harvard and Cambridge dared ask Pompeo in an interview of an example of when he supported ( ousted by Rudy to clear the way for a shakedown)  US ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie  Yovanovich. He got angry and skirted the issue.What happened next is summarized in this section taken from Wiki:

 Mike Pompeo ended an interview with Kelly abruptly on January 24, 2020 and called her to his private quarters without a recorder, where, in a "profanity-laced rant", he rebuked her for asking questions regarding Ukraine during the interview"

Pompeo asked Kelly in the private room for Kelly to point out Ukarne on an unmarked map which she did correctly but Pompeo insinuates she got wrong. The very ides that he took her to the wood shed to launch his tirade is wrong and bullying but even more worrying is the fact that the state department after the incident has barred NPR from joining the pool press to cover Pompeo's upcoming trip to Europe.

An example which bolsters Alan Dershowitz and his defence yesterday in the impeachment trial that a president
(and his admin) can do whatever he wants to help in an upcoming election because having him elected is in the public interest.


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