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December 30, 2019 10:35 am  #1

Monty Python's Musical Genius Dies Suddenly At 75

He wasn't as famous as the rest of the members of the Monty Python troupe but he was one of their smartest collaborators. Neil Innes is the guy who wrote the almost unbelievable music for "All You Need Is Cash," the story of the Rutles, the Python's hysterical satire of the Beatles. ("They created a legacy that would last a lunchtime.")

Those songs were pitch-perfect take offs of the Fab Four's efforts and not only were they funny, they were actually incredible tunes. If you were a fan of the Beatles, this is probably the must see movie that's about them - but really isn't. There are so many scenes that always make me laugh - including Eric Idle as a reporter doing a walking stand-up from a camera mounted on a truck. But the truck gradually speeds up and he's forced to run after it, all the while never breaking from a word of his spiel. 

Still, it was the music that resonated most. "I Must Be In Love," (which could easily have been a real Top 40 hit) "Cheese & Onions," "Hold My Hand" and "Can't Buy Me Lunch" were absolutely phenomenal. 

Innes' death comes as a shock since he wasn't ill and was apparently healthy. He was 75.

Neil Innes: Monty Python actor and Rutles musician dies aged 75

Here are a few of those tunes, along with the movie itself. If you've never seen it and have an hour or so to spare, it's simply unforgettable. Much like Innes' work.