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December 25, 2019 10:00 am  #1

CBC Using Smart Speakers In Brand New Way For Radio

CFRB has been giving out smart speakers for the past few weeks, not only as a promotional contest but hoping that people will use them to tune into the station more often.
While I would never let one of those things into my house over privacy concerns (I can turn on my own radio and lights, thank you!) I can see how they’d be useful for many. And so far, RB’s purpose seems to be merely to drive additional tune-in.
But what would happen if you went beyond that approach? CBC’s Radio 1 is doing just that by rolling out a quiz feature based on a few of its shows that can only be played or accessed on a smart speaker. The idea is that the machine will ask you some questions relating to one of their shows, you’ll respond, and you’ll either get some snarky answer if you’re wrong or be showered with ego-stroking praise if you’re right.
This is an interesting use of the technology and I wonder how long it will be until many stations decide to use it in the same way – engaging with listeners even if they’re not actually listening.

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