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December 11, 2019 1:47 pm  #1

Close Call For CHCH Cameraman & Reporter After Mishap Caught Live

Both a CHCH cameraman and a reporter are OK after a scary incident that happened a split second after a studio anchor threw to them during the station's live morning show on Wednesday. A pedestrian apparently knocked the camera over, just as reporter Sylvie Lendvay was about to speak. Both were OK, but it looked at first like they'd been hit by a car. 

Reporters' camera struck by suspect on live TV

The report seems to indicate it was deliberate and the man fled in a car. 

Another local cameraman who suffered a grievous injury was the great Bill Atanasoff, who was hit by a drunk driver while covering an SIU investigation for City TV in 2010. The accident left him a quadriplegic and blind, and a previous GoFundMe page raised almost $30,000 for his care. 

It's very rare that a live hit goes awry on camera or on the radio. Probably the scariest one I ever heard involved a traffic reporter named Jane Dornacker, who was doing a report for WNBC in New York during the Joey Reynolds Show in 1986. She was halfway through a normal-sounding update when you audibly hear something go wrong with the chopper. Her final screams to "hit the water" - and the silence that follows - are haunting. Both she and her pilot were killed.