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November 21, 2015 7:09 pm  #1

Rob Farina posts on Facebook why he resigned from Rogers

On Saturday, Rob Farina posted on Facebook an explanation about his sudden resignation from Rogers. His post offers a whole new perspective on what happened. It's not easy to discuss personal issues in public.Rob deserves our respect and all our support. If I was the boss at Rogers, I would not hesitate to hire him back when he is better. Here is what Rob posted on Facebook:  

I want to respond to the events leading up to my employment ending at Rogers.
I have an anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed while I was still Program Director at CHUM FM, and I have been on treatment ever since. Outside of my physician and husband, I never shared this information with anyone. I too am guilty of perpetuating the stigma around mental health.
In November, I stopped my medication cold turkey. I didn’t plan to, I had skipped a day or two with no ill effects in the past. This time was different, for a span of 7-10 days I stopped taking my Cipralex. After about a week off the drug, I had thought this might be the time to stop. I was enjoying my work, my personal life was great and I considered that I might not need the medication any more. I was totally unaware of the seriousness and severity of the side effects associated with withdrawal from this drug. Going off the medication led to a series of side effects that impacted my work. The side effects made my behaviour impulsive and erratic. It became clear to me, and the team at Rogers, that I needed to take a break and focus on my health. Rogers was an amazing team to work with. My experience there was very positive and I have nothing but stellar things to say about the company, Julie Adam and her team.
I want everyone to know that I am now doing well and focused on looking forward. I am taking some time off, and returning to Canada in January.
This experience has made me more mindful of my health and grateful for good friends and family.
I look forward to seeing you in the new year."

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