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August 16, 2019 5:46 am  #1

CBC to air a documentary on the Humboldt Bronco's...will you watch?

When this story broke 15 months ago, it touched us all in Canada. Young lives were affected, especially athletes who we see as invincible at times, then the game of Hockey, that we hold so dear in this country, a small town rural Canadian was affected too, had we heard of Humboldt before? It showed us all the fragile nature of life.

Now, the CBC and former team members have produced a documentary on the accident and the aftermath of it.
I have never seen the sports media keep the memory of this event in front and centre view throughout the NHL playoffs in 2018 with all sports hosts wearing green ribbons in memory for months after the Bus/Truck accident.

The stories told, the lives, the families, the community...even a look at truck driver training that needed to be changed, it had far reaching affects. 

My question to you is, will you watch this when it airs this fall?

The other questions is this, with all of the coverage this got, is there a little fatigue building in?  Much like donor fatigue, where you want to give to every charity that calls, but it is too much at times...

Here is more about the New Season, the sense is it will bring hope and that it will never diminish the losses, life has to move forward...


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August 18, 2019 10:32 pm  #2

Re: CBC to air a documentary on the Humboldt Bronco's...will you watch?

ESPN's E:60 documentary series, which airs on TSN, did a very good job on this story. They even got Wayne Gretzky to narrate it.

I don't need to see another one.