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September 29, 2015 9:27 pm  #1


I have uploaded more of that CKOC countdown which has worked it's way into the early 70's. I did discover a little glitch on a previous countdown just in case you were keeping track. During a portion of of the 1968 countdown they actually play at least two tracks from 1969. Give Peace A Chance and Good Old Rock'n Roll by Cat Mother. Wonder if these were repeated during the 1969 portion which I did not record. More of a compilation than a complete air check but there’s about 75 minutes of it.

Also have uploaded some more CHEX and CKPT AM from Peterborough. The CKPT clip features Joey Edwards who some of you are probably familiar with.

IMHO the early 70's was a great period for Top 40 and if you love that era you should enjoy these air checks as disjointed as they are. Some songs that you may not have heard since the 1970's are featured on CKPT. A full service rock and pop station..

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