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August 26, 2015 11:01 pm  #1

Would You Pay $9 A Month For This Radio Service?, which is an online service that offers hundreds of radio stations, has announced a new $9 (Cdn.) package that promises to strip all commercials out of more than 600 commercial over-the-air outlets it offers, according to an article on C/Net:

"TuneIn Premium removes the element people dislike most about traditional radio: all the commercials. Radio stations that stream with TuneIn already have devices in place to swap their ads on the regular broadcast with digital ads for the online one. TuneIn's commercial-free feature simply helps the programmer play a song the same length as the ad break instead."

I'd be curious to see (hear?) exactly how that would work, although I doubt it would be a smooth transition from substitute song back to actual live content. But I don't think I'd want to spend nearly 10 bucks every 30 days to find out. Interesting pitch, though.

TuneIn takes the ads out of your on-the-go real radio


August 27, 2015 4:38 am  #2

Re: Would You Pay $9 A Month For This Radio Service?

I remember the days of radio when the commercials and the promos were as much fun as the music, the news and the jock banter.
That was when a series of ads were produced, not one that runs over and over and over....often in the same spot set.
Who remembers the Coca Cola transcriptions with ten cuts on them, all different?
Same with television.
If you scratch your head, you can remember some memorable spot series for various products that people actually waited to see the next one.
Another fatality of the spell of cheapdom.