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August 23, 2015 10:46 pm  #1

Bell Wants CRTC To Drop Mandatory Carriage On 8 Popular Cable Stations

This isn't entirely new, but I just noticed this buried in a recent CRTC filing. Bell Media has applied to the commission to drop the mandatory carriage requirements for some of its biggest cable channels, taking them from a Category A to a Category B status. That means cable/satellite companies won't have to automatically carry them as part of any basic packages. The stations involved include:

-The Comedy Network,
-Discovery Channel,
-MTV (Canada),

Why would Bell want to lose mandatory coverage for some of their most popular outlets? The answer appears to be both simple and devious. They know pick and pay is coming and this is one way they can potentially jack up the prices for stations they're pretty sure you'll want to keep - stations that would no longer be part of any "skinny basic" package due to be offered sometime around March 2016,

In addition, Cat B outlets have a lesser CanCon promise than those that receive mandatory carriage. Accordingly, Bell is also outlining how they'll be reducing some of the requirements about the amount of Canuck content they'll have to show in key dayparts (mostly going from 50% down to 35%) while pledging to spend the same amount overall it now does on Canadian Content.

It will be interesting to see how the CRTC responds, and what viewers may have to say when stations they've long received on basic suddenly turn up as special order items - with what's bound to be a pumped up price tag attached.

Bell's application to CRTC

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August 24, 2015 6:33 am  #2

Re: Bell Wants CRTC To Drop Mandatory Carriage On 8 Popular Cable Stations

None of these channels would have been part of the "skinny basic" package. Even now, they're a tier up from basic. (Except E! in some markets)

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August 25, 2015 11:27 pm  #3

Re: Bell Wants CRTC To Drop Mandatory Carriage On 8 Popular Cable Stations

I don't get any of those channels now in my basic cable package.  Cogeco has the worst basic package I have ever seen.  Pure crap.  It's isn't worth more than about 5 cents.  I hardly ever watch TV.  I don't even get 1 Sports Net feed.  What a rip off these cable and satellite 'choices' are.  We should only EVER have to pick the stations we want.  They should cost x for each group of 10 you pick.  No added 'extras'.  No 'required' picks. No unwanted incessant repetition.  No more rip-offs.  Once again these idiots are putting themselves out of business just 'cause they're GREEDY.  [greedy and dumb as posts]

The time will come when these mega giant companies will collapse under the financial weight of having over-extended their lack of acumen and I.Q.  I, for one, won't miss them.  Thieves!!!

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