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February 6, 2019 3:29 pm  #31

Re: 106.5 ELMNT FM Toronto launch

Saul wrote:

<<<As for a change of site location, it would be interesting to explore relocating a number of stations to The One at Yonge-Bloor. This is a top tier condo and it's doubtful they'd be open to an unslighly antenna topping off their prestigeous building.>>>

I like the centrality of that location. I wonder what the condo association could charge, overall, for rent. Why would anyone living there care what's on top of the building. OTOH, would close proximity to the transmitter(s) hamper reception in that building's units, either of signals directly overhead or signals from off-site?

That building is making FCP look "wimpy" these days.


February 6, 2019 4:13 pm  #32

Re: 106.5 ELMNT FM Toronto launch

I was at Danforth and Victoria Park yesterday and was only receiving WYRK. They’ve been doing a lot of advertising recently and with the atmospheric conditions, their potential audience was only a fraction of what it should be. Not a good situation for a new radio station.