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March 13, 2018 9:33 pm  #1

Ron James on Canadian Screen Awards

Here's one of the best rants I've read in awhile.  It's from Ron James on Facebook.  The basic context is John Doyle ripping this past weekend's Canadian Screen Awards show in the Globe and Mail.  For more, go to FB but this is most entertaining.

And that's the televised one Jim! Cripes, had Doyle reason to sit through the stroke inducing non-televised night of awards like this nominee, he'd of gone Sinn Fein on their ass and taken hostages! I'm happy a nod for my work comes once every ten year
s, cause watching that poor bastard of an MC onstage, (easily the toughest stand-up gig in Canadian show biz, next to hitting the 4th hour mark doing warm up for the Sandra Faire produced long gone 'Rita MacNeil Show' where it wasn't uncommon to lose 20% of your audience to fainting spells, heart attacks and acid induced hallucinations. Ok, the last one's a lie) try to wrangle a room full of contemptible, gibbering, dressed up Canadian show biz sycophants, damn near took another decade off me. Sweet Jesus! They woudn't shut up!! They were worse than the cacophony of a remedial class before their daily dose of Ritalin kicks in. I'd sooner have army ants crawl up my pin hole with picnic cutlery than sit through that again. When faces from our industry who passed away last year were flashed on the wall, this room full of 'professionals' continued to talk, so that their inane jabber about sweet-fuck-all crowed out a wonderful musical tribute to the likes of Donnelly, Rhodes, Tom Rowe and Christopher Wiggans, to name a few. All good people with impressive pedigrees who made an impact far greater than some bullshit morning talk show made for shut ins. Anyway, sorry to go on.