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May 29, 2015 9:35 pm  #1

'Ordinarily when I leave these jobs, it's by police escort'

The end of another era.. sort of..
(Via NY Daily News)

 Don Imus marked the end of his Fox Business Network gig Friday with a show that fell somewhere between a farewell wave and a Friars Club roast.

"Ordinarily when I leave these jobs, it's by police escort," said the longtime radio and TV personality, who turned 74 last weekend.

He stressed several times that he's not leaving the game, noting he just signed a new extension with Cumulus to continue his radio show, which is heard locally on WABC (770 AM).

The last TV show featured two taped tributes to Imus, one put together by his producers and the other replayed from Neil Cavuto's Thursday afternoon FBN show.

Cavuto's, Imus noted, seemed to largely focus on Cavuto. Both also included commentary from numerous FBN colleagues and past Imus guests.

"What a sad day," said Sean Hannity. "If people knew the Imus I knew, you'd be fired again."

"Whatever you do, Don Imus," said Bill O'Reilly, "I'm with you maybe 3%."

 His last guest was his frequent sparring partner from the network, Cavuto.

Continuing the tone of their exchanges over the years, Cavuto called Imus "the original shock jock" and said all others should credit him.

Cavuto also said he admires how Imus got to the top by being "a total callous schmunk" and that "I admire you" for that.

The epitaph for the TV show, Cavuto tacitly suggested, should read, "Don Imus — not dead yet."

Imus ended the telecast the way he has ended most of them — by leaving early.

In the final studio scene, newsman Connell McShane noted that "we're missing one person," because Imus "got up a minute ago and told me, 'You do it.' "

Beyond the interspersed tributes, Imus' final FBN show had a familiar feeling.



Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.