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June 26, 2024 5:15 pm  #1

Will Al Michaels Be Presenting NBC Olympic Highlights? Nope. It's A.I.

We won't get to see it here because it's restricted to the Peacock streaming service in the U.S. But for the very first time ever, an Olympic network will present highlights and recaps of the 2024 Summer Games to viewers who want them, featuring what will sound a lot like veteran sportscaster Al Michaels.

Except it won't be the "Do you believe in miracles" legend. It will be an Artificial Intelligence version of his exact voice, recapping the action of the day. 

Michaels says he was originally against the idea, but once he heard a demo of how it would work, he changed his mind. 

"The recaps will come in the form of a ten-minute video “playlist” that will spotlight stand-out moments from the previous day while offering a look ahead at NBC’s next primetime show. NBC says a team of editors will review all content, including audio and clips, for quality assurance and accuracy before the recaps are made available to users."

This whole idea gives me the creeps but ready or not, the future is here. 

What's next? A.I. athletes competing for the medals?

AI-Generated Version of Al Michaels’ Voice Will Deliver NBC’s Paris Olympics Recaps