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June 26, 2024 6:55 am  #1

Detroit TV Legend Prepares For Last Day After TV Station's Layoffs

Her name is Paula Tutman and she's been with WDIV-TV since 1992. After a series of "generous buyouts" at the station, she's preparing for her final broadcast on July 1st. In this story from the Detroit News, she looks back at her 32 years in Motown with fondness and gratitude. 

"She has become one of the region’s best known, most versatile voices, someone viewers consider a member of their TV family. And that relationship works both ways. As she wrote several years ago for the station’s website. “I’ve met Presidents and world leaders. Titans of industry and kid entrepreneurs. Criminals and heroes. My favorite interviews, however, are the ones when I stumble over interesting people on the street doing interesting things.”

Detroit TV reporter Paula Tutman leaves WDIV after 32 years of covering 'everything'