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June 18, 2024 7:44 am  #1

The Network With All Original Content You Likely Don't Know

You probably have never heard of Fibe TV 1.  This is Bell's version of Rogers Community TV.  Like Rogers you need to be a subscriber to Bell TV to receive Fibe TV 1.  

The station has the usual local community programming with cooking shows,  historical tours of different Canadian towns and cities, amateur productions etc. They encourage local creators to submit content for the channel. 

Fibe TV 1 also has more involved professional content with scripted comedy, drama and documentary series. Programming with veteran actors/comedians like Ron James, Mary Walsh and others.  The channel has 15 original comedy series for viewing.   And regional content from the Atlantic, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec regions of the country. 

Here is their web page promoting a surprising large number and variety of shows that are available to view.