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May 14, 2024 11:05 am  #1

Young Drivers Value Radio - Even AM - In Cars, But Want Video, Too

I've never been a fan of screens competing for a driver's attention in modern cars, but they're a fact of life. Now a new survey reveals what younger demos want in their future dashboards and it might surprise many here that radio - including AM - is one of the things they say is most important to them. 

Although I have trouble believing the AM numbers are as high as claimed, the survey indicates those were the results. 

"60 percent of respondents overall agreed that AM radio, which offers emergency/weather disaster updates, local content, community news, sports, and live, real-time traffic reports, is an indispensable part of their vehicle's dashboard — and it is more important to those 17-44, versus than to those 45 and over."

The other thing they want - live video in their dashboards, but only if it's safe to watch, like when the vehicle is in park or can't be seen by the driver in motion. 

One other item of note - this article was written by an exec. from Xperi, the company responsible for HD Radio. So they may have a vested interest in seeing radio in cars continue. 

Young car owners want radio, video and personalization in the dashboard