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May 28, 2015 11:13 pm  #1

Kathryn Humphreys Officially Quits City TV

This was originally posted on the now defunct SOWNY board about half an hour before it went down. So for those interested who may have missed it, here it comes again.

Kathryn Humphreys officially confirmed on BT Wednesday that she wouldn't be returning to CityNews after her mat leave ends. She's already been off the air for a year or more. Humphreys says her mother died from cancer while she was away and she decided she wanted to follow in her footsteps and be a stay-at-home mom as well. 

This isn't the first huge decision of her career. I have it from several reliable sources that she was once offered a gig at ESPN in the U.S. for big bucks and even bigger exposure, but she turned them down. At the time, she had a pretty cushy spot at City (every Friday off, no weekends, the chance to cover whatever she wanted etc.) and she didn't want to become a smaller fish in a big pond or leave Toronto. I've always had the feeling she would have had Dan Shulman-like success in the States, but she ultimately chose not to pursue it.

Still, I've crossed paths with Kathryn over the years and while I congratulate her on her decision, I can't help but feel you haven't seen the last of her on local TV or radio in this city.

And as a final snide aside, I have to say it's nice to see someone leaving a Rogers broadcasting property without being fired. These days, that in itself is an unsual occurrence. 

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