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February 10, 2024 9:53 pm  #1

U.K. Station Using A.I-Generated I.D.s From Famous But Long Dead DJ

I guess this was inevitable. A popular and well known U.K. radio personality named Tommy Vance is "back" on the air, doing brand new station I.D.s. The fact that he's been dead for 19 years doesn't seem to have gotten in his way.

Important to note the station involved - Boom Rock - aimed at those who like 60s and 70s hits - got the family's permission to use his voice, feeding previous recordings of him into the A.I. interface to come up with the new copy. 

DJ Tommy Vance makes return to airwaves – with the help of AI

I can't help but feel this is kind of creepy, and I wonder what the reaction would be if say, they tried to do this with a Jay Nelson or a Wally Crouter promoting modern day programming that wasn't on when they were around. 

Which also brings up this possibility. To this day, Mark Dailey's famous dulcet tones are the ones you hear in the recorded greeting if you call City TV. Could they possibly resurrect "The Voice" and keep him promoting the channel at the top of the hour or other shows? How do you think that would fly with viewers?