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February 7, 2024 8:55 am  #1

A Legendary 50K U.S. Radio Station Marks 100 Years

It was Feb. 6th, 1924 that WBBM Chicago first signed on the air, a very different animal than the all news station it is today. Many here have almost certainly DXed the 50K clear channel outlet at 780 at one time or another. 

Like many ancient radio stations (now simulcasting on FM) the place was the result of a tinkerer with an interest in the new medium, a grocer who set up this newfangled medium in his basement.

And talk about early contests. The then 200-watt newcomer held one of its own in those early days.

"The first broadcasters were local radio enthusiasts in Lincoln, which is located in central Illinois. A man by the name of Richard Purinton promised three dozen eggs to the first person from each state to respond by telegram.

Listeners in 15 states responded."

Considering the price of eggs now, that's not really a bad prize!

WBBM Marks 100 Years