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February 2, 2024 12:34 pm  #1

Apple Selling Closest Thing There Is To Star Trek's "Holodeck"

It's part of the computer giant's new Apple Vision Pro glasses, which allows users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Others have tried this before, but this one has licenced all 60 years worth of Star Trek's universe to allow you to take a "tour" of any of the many classic franchise's sets. 

"They can inspect each item on Captain Kirk’s shelf, take a seat at Quark’s bar on the Deep Space Nine Promenade, or launch a shuttle from the Enterprise-D’s hangar bay. With Apple SharePlay, a visit through the world of Star Trek can also become a shared social experience that can be livestreamed with friends and family."

Now if they can just invent the transporter beam, so I can go to Australia for the day and be home by dinner...

‘Star Trek’ Spatial Experience Set To Launch On Apple Vision Pro