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January 29, 2024 8:31 pm  #1

Now I've Finally Seen It All: Teaser Ads For Super Bowl Ads Are Out

Yes, you read that headline right. Super Bowl commercials have become so famous and anticipated that companies are now releasing teaser ads - 15 secs. or less - to YouTube giving sneak previews of the real ads, which will be shown on game day, Feb. 11th.

Have to say, I'm not entirely knocked out by what I just saw,  but then again, there are only snippets. Overall, though, the ones pre-released so far don't look as good as the campaigns from previous years. But I'll wait to see more before passing judgment.

(Only the Super Bowl could make people watch look-aheads for commercials that haven't even been seen yet. But here goes: )

You can watch the previews here