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January 20, 2024 9:04 pm  #1

Could Another Strike Shut Down Hollywood TV & Film Again?

You'd think after the writers and actors disputes were settled, it would be clear sailing. But maybe not. This time, there's another huge union looking for wage hikes, a cut of streaming revenues and protection against AI. And the threat of a possible walkout - although there's a ways to go before that happens - is not music to anyone's ears.

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM)...said it is seeking a deal to better reflect the current state of streaming media. The AFM is also seeking AI protection, increased wages, health care improvements, improved working conditions and residual payments for streaming content.

According to the AFM, musicians who record on soundtracks make 75% less on streaming content due to less residual income. “The entertainment industry has fundamentally shifted,” the union said in a news release. But musicians “are not being compensated accordingly for streaming media.”

Another Hollywood strike? Musicians union ‘prepared to do whatever it needs’ for AI protections and streaming residuals