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January 19, 2024 3:21 pm  #1

Saturday Night Live: The Movie? Story Of Lorne Michaels Being Planned

It was a revolution in late night TV and now it appears it's close to becoming its own movie. "SNL 1975" is in the planning stages and will reportedly explain how the comedy staple was thought up and and all the disasters that almost befell it right up to it very first show in 1975. 

It's based on interviews with those who were there. 

"SNL 1975 is the true story of what happened that night behind the scenes in the moments leading up to the first broadcast of SNL. It depicts the chaos and magic of a revolution that almost wasn’t, counting down the minutes in real time to the infamous words, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” 

It's still in the pre-production stage so there's no word on when it might surface or who might show it, but they've already started to line up a cast. 

‘The Fabelmans’ Star Gabriel LaBelle To Play Lorne Michaels In Sony’s ‘SNL 1975’; Cooper Hoffman & Rachel Sennott Also Join Ensemble