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January 10, 2024 8:24 am  #1

BT's Meredith Shaw On Body Positivity & How She Got Into Broadcasting

The former CHUM-FM morning show co-host turned City TV BT frontperson has gone to great lengths to fight the stereotypes of body image, while reflecting on her strange journey into broadcasting. 

"It all started with good ol’ Google! I googled how to host a radio show, and then a website popped up with all the current radio job openings across Canada. I applied and got the gig at Boom 97.3 in Toronto. My strategy was to say yes to everything and learn as much as possible. That led me to Chum 104.5, The SocialThe Marilyn Denis ShoweTalk, Your Morning and ultimately my new current position as CoHost of Canada’s #1 Morning Show, Breakfast Television." 

Meredith Shaw On The Power Of Positivity