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August 31, 2023 9:53 am  #1

Vassy Kapelos' "Question Period" & "Power Play" To Return Next Week

I always watch "Question Period" every week, especially since Vassy Kapelos took it over from Evan Solomon. It's a show you can listen to without having to watch, which makes it easier to get other stuff done while it's on. The long running political show has been off for a long summer break but returns on Sept. 10th.

Meanwhile, her daily Power Play on CTV News Channel comes back this coming Tuesday, the day after Labour Day. 

It's been a while since she's done either and I, for one, am looking forward to both of them returning. Especially in a time when politicians from all parties are mired in scandals and controversies and need someone to hold them accountable.  Kapelos has proven herself pretty good at doing just that.