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August 27, 2023 4:23 pm  #1

Dan Shulman Doing Double Duty On Two Sides Of The World At Once

Dan Shulman is an amazing play-by-play man and he's great on whatever medium he's on. But maybe he should go by another name - Hercules. That's because of the almost unbelievable schedule he's working this month, calling games on both sides of the world, often on the same day. 

Shulman is in the booth when the Jays are playing, with Buck Martinez right by his side. But Buck is probably in bed when Shulman is working his other gig - doing the Canadian men's national basketball games at the FIBA World Cup. Those games, which started on Friday, are being held in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines, in time zones that are nearly the opposite of ours.

Which explains why Shulman was up before dawn on Sunday, calling the Canada-Lebanon game off a monitor in Toronto at 5:45 AM, before heading to the Dome for the Jays 1:30 PM tilt with the Guardians. That is one brutal schedule. But pro that he is, you can't tell how out of it he must feel doing that kind of grind. (For the record, Canada crushed Lebanon 128-73.)

And he won't get much sleep anytime soon. Depending on how Canada does, the tourney won't be over until the final on September 10th.