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August 23, 2023 12:18 am  #1

The Detroit News Turns 150, With A Direct Connection To Broadcasting

The Detroit News, one of that city's oldest and longest running newspapers, has just turned 150 years old, having published its very first edition on Aug. 23, 1873. But the News is more than just a paper. It was also responsible for putting WWJ-AM on the air, a station that's been doing all-news for decades. 

If first debuted in May 1920, and despite KDKA Pittsburgh's claim to being the original, there is strong evidence that WWJ was actually the world's first real radio station. (Yes, XWA was on in Montreal in 1919, but it was experimental and not assigned actual call letters as we know them today. It's quite amazing that both WWJ and KDKA have had their original call signs for over a century.) 

The paper has published a series of articles on the anniversary (which you can see all on one webpage), including video of the old WWJ tower going up for the first time more than 100 years ago, and a look at how the organization would later branch out into TV on Channel 4. Both remain on the air and are vital parts of Detroit broadcasting history. 

Which means an entity that covered history is itself a major part of it.

The Detroit News At 150

The lights on the WWJ tower back in the 1920s.