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SOWNY » The Evanovs’ Latest Plan: Switch Pride FM To 103.5 & CIDC To 103.7 » May 14, 2018 9:53 am

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cGrant wrote:

splunge wrote:

comparing toronto 'out of market' stations from north york or brampton to orangeville is apples to... well.. oranges.

as for who cares.... ask radio listeners in dufferin county what they think of this 'local' radio service. there is a reason why mbc and bayshore got and get so much support while cidc doesnt make a blip.

So, CFNY, CFMJ etc, are really Toronto stations OR the city of license? Those ARE a valid comparisons, oranges and oranges.

As for "who cares"? Your argument includes the notion that someone listens to a specific radio station exclusively because it is strictly originating from their place of presence is false. I don't see someone from Oshawa listening to that gawd-awful Satan-worshipping Rock station if their musical taste reflects classical.

Actually, there is a difference as Brampton and North York are both part of the GTA while Orangeville isn't.

SOWNY » Buffalo's Channel 4 Officially Changing Its OTA Frequency On April 16 » April 22, 2018 12:59 pm

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Saul wrote:

I wonder if translator-level low power is enough to produce meaningful sideband channels. The rather low-power 850-watt 101.3 South Asian station in Toronto has IBOC. I don't have a digital receiver but it would be interesting to know if its sidebands have proven fruitful for whatever resides there.

I have an IBOC radio on a BMW and the digital HD radio channels on 101.3 work pretty good.  Have no problem receiving them in Oakville and even most of Burlington.  Only area of the GTA with no reception is anywhere near Milton but of course that's because of the low power local MyFM Milton station using the same frequency.

I never could understand why ISED even authorized use of 101.3 for the MyFM station in Milton.  Surprisingly enough, I actually get the South Asian IBOC signal kick in and bump 101.3 MyFM off in certain spots RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR studios in Milton  LOL!  Imagine not being able to listen to a radio station when parked right in front of their studios.

SOWNY » CIDC 103.5 » April 6, 2018 1:49 pm

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RadioPaulPA wrote:

markow202 wrote:

The view and elevation from this site is enormous which gives them a good broad coverage area however, as they complain its not good enough for downtown Toronto.


Is it really that bad? The 60dbu looks like it encompasses all of Toronto.

I emailed the morning guy, Scott Fox with a clip of the signal and his reply was "Interesting how radio works. I can't hear it in my garage but you can hear it in Pennsylvania!"

That's because there's a huge difference in land elevation between their Orangeville area transmitter site (approx 460m or 1500 ft. ASL) v.s. downtown Toronto (approx 80m or 260 ft. ASL at Union Station).  With this along with all the downtown skyscrapers, that 60dbu signal gets cut down pretty quickly in downtown Toronto as LoS is blocked in most areas.

SOWNY » Well This Is Awkward » April 2, 2018 12:09 am

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East, North or West of the GTA?

SOWNY » Proud FM Power Boost / Z103 Transmitter Relocated to Orangeville » March 16, 2018 9:59 am

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tvguy wrote:

Did anyone notice the map that was attached to Evanov's reply to CFBU?
CIDC - frequency change to 103.7 MHz (currently 103.5 MHz), CIRR Frequency change to 103.5 MHz  (currently 103.9).  The map was dated November 2017 - several months after their filing with Department of Industry and the CRTC.  Hmmmm!!!!

Perhaps that will be their next application to the CRTC.

Not sure if that was an oversight or not but in my opinion, they would face a much greater challenge trying to pull a frequency "switcheroo" in front of the CRTC as the Commission is adamant that the 103.5 frequency is supposed to serve Orangeville.

SOWNY » Proud FM Power Boost / Z103 Transmitter Relocated to Orangeville » March 12, 2018 8:23 pm

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Essentially, CIRR @ 103.7FM with 10,000 Watts from First Canadian Place with an EHAAT of 325m would blast out CFBU from across the lake in St. Catharines out of the water (literally).  As CFBU is a protected class A1 service with an EIRP of 250 Watts, they can't be bumped out of their frequency unless they consent to it.

Evanov's mistakes include (but are not limited to):

1. Not mention anything about the impact to CFBU on their application thinking that they can get away with it because they are a campus radio station.

2. Choose to broadcast 10kW from FCP which is very close to the lake.  As you know, water carries wireless signals very easily compared to terrain so there would obviously be major interference to CFBU.

At this stage, their only options are:

1. Remain at FCP with 10kW but make a deal with CFBU where Evanov would cover the entire cost of having CFBU change their frequency including marketing.  This assumes there's a suitable alternate class A frequency available in St. Catharines for them to switch to.

2. Remain at FCP but reduce power from 10 to about 2 kW in order to not interfere with CFBU

3. Still use 10kW but relocate their proposed transmitter site to a new location that's higher up town Toronto in order to be far enough from the lake to avoid interfering with CFBU.


SOWNY » Want More? Let's get back to The River! » March 7, 2018 12:50 pm

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As posted by me on Facebook, CJED 105.1 has now flipped back to AC as The River - 105.1FM claiming that they are playing "the world's best music" and CFLZ 101.1FM has now been re-branded as More FM playing classic hits. Their new websites are and

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