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SOWNY » Peter Fonda Takes Final Easy Ride » August 26, 2019 4:48 pm

Lee Marshall
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mike marshall wrote:

Any good soundtracks in these films? 

Jailhouse Rock (1957)
The T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
A Hard Day's Night (1964)
Don't Look Back (1967)
Monterey Pop (1968) 

Well I did say GREAT and ROCK....not good and rock 'n' roll.

SOWNY » Radio observations. » August 26, 2019 4:40 pm

Is there a modern day equivalent?

SOWNY » Buffalo Radio Station's Ratings Claim Is Beyond Belief » August 26, 2019 4:35 pm

Lee Marshall
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#1 at 12:30 AM.  That's pretty late in the night/early in the morning.  But hey!!!  If the 'president' lies umpteen 1,000's of times then surely the loyal subjects can chip in with a whopper or 2?

I mean really!!!  Was CKFH really the 2nd greatest radio station in the world?  Probably.

SOWNY » Crying Wolf » August 17, 2019 8:05 pm

Lee Marshall
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Ir's an era of dwindling audiences because they're serving up crap.  Let's all talk at once!!!  NO...let's not.  Let's put on some nit-wit chirping the opposition/company lie as opposed to the TRUTH!!!  NO...let's AVOID that.  Let's cover the same pure unadulterated b.s. all day [and night] long!!!  Gawd NO.  Please.  Let's keep going with tired old 'journalists who interrupt the person answering the question they asked with another question OR point in the middle of the original effin' answer!!!  That's amateurism at it's worst.  Let's report opinion instead of FACT.  Well NOBODY wants THAT.

Let's lie about the breaking news angle and about what's coming up that people waste their time and lose their trust in us.  NO!  Let's host bogus debates with way too many people and far too little time to make it work or even give the audience an inkling of who is who!!!  That'll ensure eyes and ears depart.  Let's interview liars and let them get away with their shit instead of kicking them the hell outta the studio and off of the air.  What a relief THAT would be.  Guess what?  Folks DON'T love lies.  Let's treat the audience like their average IQ is 60 'cause lowest common denominator shyte like Hee Haw is all people want on their idiot box!!!  Wrong again.

Horrible programming decisions are at fault.  THAT and not having so much as a single ball anywhere in the whole executive process.  That scum bag Roger Ailes...stood by his vision...even if it was entirely flawed.  A bigger pig never ran a network but he had a sense of purpose.  NO ONE else does.  It's all pablum for dummies.  Spooned out by right wing nincompoops and left wing chickens.  It's almost entirely unwatchable.

SOWNY » Ontario's News Now is a go, but with some changes coming » August 17, 2019 4:38 pm

Propaganda?  A 'kiss the ass of the government' outlet?  Is this CRTC approved?  No news is good news?  Shameful if that's what it is.  Surely we're better than to OK a fox-like cesspool to be allowed to control the minds of those incapable of thought or reason.  We're as strong an industry as our weakest link.  THIS is ultra weak and a DEEP hole is being Doug. 

SOWNY » Longest On-Air Career? » August 17, 2019 4:01 pm

I'll never catch those guys.  AND...I don't want to.  At least not at this particular time.  There are roses to be smelled.  Coffee too.  Jan 1st I'll be into my 6th decade of yackin' and stuff.. I retired for a short while after doin' the CTV  'thing' but that was ultra BORING...and it felt like it was poor for my mental I jumped right back into the fray.  Will I be ready to walk away after a couple more years?   I hope so.  Right now though?  No. Got stuff to establish...and people to train.

"Here lies Lee.  He died with his headphones on."  won't look good on my urn.  Jack Hagerman must be one of a kind.  And ALL at one station?  With the corporate tomfoolery of the current ownership ways, means and will be impossible to ever come close to that achievement again.  So far I've been at 12 different radio stations...2 of 'em twice...and I recorded ID's, promos and stuff for 4 different TV outlets so I'm nowhere near the record setters mentioned here. 

Hell's bells.  I'm just a young fella.  There are loads of contributors to this specific site with far more impressive credentials and stories to tell.  Not that I'm gonna call out any names.  I've been a radio fan/music fan since I was about 3...thanks to my Mom.  Even Dad assisted in THAT.  I have a great deal of respect for those who've done the on-air least since the dawn of Rock 'n' Roll.  I'd love to hear/read some stories.

SOWNY » Muskoka Radio Station Silenced By Arsonists » August 17, 2019 3:31 pm

John D wrote:

RA.  When I was a kid and we were vacationing up north I remember CKAR  in Huntsville very well.  Then years later; when the late George Grant bought CKLB in Oshawa, he bought the call letters.  Perfect call letters for the Motor City.  Then; when the station was sold again they went back to the original call letters; prior to CKLB; which was CKDO.  It remains that today.  Huntsville somehow got their old call letters back.  Hence CKAR in Huntsville.

All true John.  The station with the letters isn't the original custodians.  That was the other station in town...located now at 105.5.  I remember rowing all the way across Pen Lake and climbing up the steepest ski-hill located at Hidden Valley in order to watch 2 guys doing a live radio show/cut-in from the top floor of the 3 story tower located at the summit.  I'd have been maybe 10 years of age.  I knew THEN what I was gonna do for a living.

Meanwhile anyone who messes with a transmitter is messing with a federally licensed outlet and should be doing JAIL TIME. terrorism.

SOWNY » Peter Fonda Takes Final Easy Ride » August 17, 2019 3:23 pm

Lee Marshall
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The FIRST great Rock movie soundtrack.  Still one of the best ever.  Peter, I believe, selected the tunes.

SOWNY » Radio observations. » August 17, 2019 3:13 pm

Redbox5 wrote:

Got a new Grundig yacht boy 420 Radio that picks up a.m., FM, and shortwave. Here are some of fm observations. in Brant County on the top floor of my house with an FM and shortwave antenna both up.
93.3 Jamestown, New York. Currently listening to the Buffalo Bills game on it.
Mix 97.1 Cleveland, Ohio.
Something on 90.5, any ideas?
91.3, something out of the US, any idea?
Every single London station except for free FM.
Actually not picking up most Toronto stations due to Dial overcrowding.

How much for one of those bad boys?  Tried to find one online...Listed NOWHERE!!!  Not at radio dealers...not at Amazon.  Where?  Who?

SOWNY » Crying Wolf » August 17, 2019 3:11 pm

Lee Marshall
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laffin wrote:

Watching the NBC News last evening almost every single item was labelled "BREAKING NEWS", and there were several.  They even branded a week-old news story as Breaking News.  As a retired ND I would suggest that an event should be considered Breaking News when it's occurring just prior to going on-air, not days or even weeks later.  I would also suggest that even three or four hours after the original report, that it's not a Breaking News story as NT1010 often states.  

When the intro Breaking News is unnecessarily repeated, the impact loses its purpose with no effect on the listener.            

100%.  CNN does that too.  Ticks me off every time.  THAT and teasing an upcoming segment and then not running it for 15-20-30 minutes.  2 ways that their news cred takes a direct boot to the nuts.  Then there's 'fox' 'news'.  0 credibility.  Bunch of morons for hosts.  They cloud the picture with pure, unadulterated BULL SHIT...(liquified bull shit)...and all news outlets suffer the hit.


SOWNY » You Be A CRTC Commissioner: Do You Grant This Urgent Request? » July 12, 2019 4:20 pm

NO WAY!!!  It's horseshit.  They can do what needs to be done and WIN!!!  Hire a program director who knows the format AND THE MUSIC.  Spend some money.  Elevate yourself above the pack.  Just typical corporate 'radio' BULLSHIT!!!  Hold 'em to their 'promise' CRTC.  Grow a pair!

SOWNY » Happy Canada Day and time for a poll... » July 2, 2019 3:52 am

If we could roll back his wouldn't be too much of a stretch to roll him back instead.  What an ASS!

SOWNY » POLL: Rogers-NHL deal » July 2, 2019 3:49 am

I also think they were entirely stupid to do it and that the ramifications have only JUST begun.  FOOLS!!!

SOWNY » Instant Replay: CKEY - Top 40’s Great Pretender & Beyond » June 24, 2019 4:19 pm

Lee Marshall
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I wonder what happened to the CKEY FM license?  Not ever an entity.  I was at EY as an operator in 72-and early '73 before heading up to North Bay to get 'the ball' really rolling.  That was the Keith, Pat, Johnny, Bud and Jim era with the huge newsroom and Ron Morey as the show host fill-in guy.  I operated for Jim...same birthday...and often for Keith.  My good friend Robert Payne was still there when I returned in '85.  Bob Crab too.  Keith left soon thereafter to be replaced by John Rode.  Keith went to The Music of Your  Life at CJCL was it ... by then?

Used to love Al Boliska on CHUM and then 'EY...Duff and then Danny...Big G. and Dave Mickey.  CHUM sounded 'old' to me.  Jay helped to get that moving some.  Donnie Burns   and then Jackson Armstrong really changed that up.  Then along came better might time programming on CKFH...Big G again...and Special K...I recall Tom Fulton and Keith Hampshire being pretty fine and then the guy I followed over to C.H.U.M. FM...John Donabie.  Now THAT was a radio station!!!  'Interconnectivity'.  One thing leads to another... ... ...One Oh four point five in stereo.
For me it began with CHUM and CKEY and the long drives in the 50s when the only radio stations we could get between Toronto and Lucknow used to play songs by really cool sounding people like Fats Domino, Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers.  My love affair with the idea of radio was forged and cemented.  Thanks to *my* pioneers.  You all taught me a LOT.

SOWNY » The Man Behind Fats Domino's Biggest Hits Dies At 100 » June 24, 2019 3:37 pm

When I was at 590 CKEY...we presented Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino at the old Ontario Place Forum.  I was the MC.  What a contrast...Jerry Lee...full of himself and mean spirited.  No fun to be around at all.  At least he showed up on time for a change.  Incorrigible.  Drifting aimlessly on the thin ice of a long distant past.  Fats?  A total gentleman with at least 5 times as many hits and 10 times the influence.  His music director was there with him.  They were inseparable.  HE was Dave Bartholomew.  Composite scholar and graduate [summa cum laude] from the age-old school of New Orleans music.  He enjoyed a fair number of his own hits.  It was a privilege to spend several hour with them both...Fats and Dave...I hope his last years were enjoyable.  They brought lots of joy to a whole lotta people. 

Dignity vs. Trailer Trash.  The twain did meet.  Mark my words.

SOWNY » When A Radio Station Takes International Women's Day Too Far » March 10, 2019 9:01 am

Lee Marshall
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Yes...definitely/absolutely.  [as I would any Air Canada flight I could avoid taking.]

SOWNY » When A Radio Station Takes International Women's Day Too Far » March 8, 2019 6:30 pm

Lee Marshall
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So far beyond stupid, in fact, that it'll probably become common place at some worldwide outlets by next year.  Radio is so good at shooting itself in the foot that this HAS to fly.

SOWNY » Stations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand banning Jackson songs » March 8, 2019 6:26 pm

Lee Marshall
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Saul wrote:

unclefester wrote:

Is the Catholic church still open?

Maybe it's time to shut down everything and everyone, and I meaning EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, with the slightest whiff of scandal. Then, someone, please turn the lights off on the way out!

"Slightest whiff of scandal?"  Scandal?  Child abuse isn't "scandal" Saul.  It's one of the worst crimes out there.  Punishable by death as far as I'm concerned.  And when they go to jail... ... ...

SOWNY » Survey Confirms Conventional Radio Still Rules In The Car » March 7, 2019 5:05 pm

I understand sirius trailing the pack.  Why would anyone pay to hear the same programming, basically, repeat itself every 18 hours?  I hear what Mike is saying.  Still.  The fact that "owned digital music" and a 'c.d.' player [which also features owned music] combined beat all radio combined says it all.  The majority of folks traveling from point A to point B are NOT happy.  A really good radio station, or stations, improves the quality of life.  Bad ones provide the exact opposite.  There are way too many bad ones.  Radio used to know that 1/2 of their combined total hours tuned came from people driving/riding in cars/vehicles.  According to these stats less than 1/3 of the folks 'bustin' a move' are tuned into traditional radio.  Hello advertisers...

SOWNY » Stations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand banning Jackson songs » March 7, 2019 4:54 pm

Lee Marshall
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Can't remember the last time I knowingly played a Michael Jackson song.  I agree with Charlie.  He should have been removed from any kind of beneficial 'spot' a LONG time ago.  People who molest children need to experience what it's like to be underneath an honest to goodness steam-roller.  It doesn't matter would, otherwise, seem to be the prevailing attitude.  No one should be abused.  Children least of all.

SOWNY » Teenagers are wreaking havoc for the radio business, they have clout! » February 15, 2019 4:17 pm

It is 100% easy to be pulled away from mediocre, half-assed, inferior and sub-standard.  And ever-so-many 'stations' qualify in this specific area of concern.  The days of 'Harvey Weinsteining' the dog are over.  The listening audience has had way more than enough...of nowhere near enough.

SOWNY » Happy World Radio Day 2019 ! ! ! » February 13, 2019 3:48 pm

Lee Marshall
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Unless the audience is truly 'into' celebrating it...what's it really mean?  Not much.  I already know where my navel is.  Self contemplation unnecessary.

SOWNY » Is ageism in radio in Canada a real issue? » February 9, 2019 12:46 am

Is it really "ageism"?  Maybe to a degree, in some cases, 'cause some ownership/management people are socially uneducated, and/or ignorant and definitely inexperienced when it comes to having empathy and an understanding of 'others'.  These drawbacks can, all too often, allow for all sorts of bias and prejudice to manifest in terms racism and other forms of marginalizing of various folks, including old farts.  But ageism seems, sometimes, to be a fancy way of disguising the actual disgust for other large numbers like the number of weeks PAID vacation the "good to great" ones get.  And let us never forget the bottom line where an extra 0 or two is the 'ageism' bean-counters really take note of.  So "good to great" may be an asset to ANY radio outlet but all of those 0's act like an eraser which wipes both good and great off of the page.  [some morning show hosts excepted                             for awhile]

[And although earned...taking too much time off is a real detriment to success...for both the individual and for the outlet.  When the audience can't rely on 'your' being there because you only deem them worthy of your company when you're good and damn well ready to share it, well, that CAN'T work.  They'll find someone they can count on.]

It just goes to show anyone who's interested that 'doing' radio is, for 90-some-odd % of the on-air and programming employees, a PISS-POOR career choice.  [unless you're ready to retire just as soon as the 'powers that be' decide that you're done.  And in over 9 out of 10 instances 'they' most assuredly will.]

SOWNY » CKNT & Bruce Marshall » January 8, 2019 8:38 pm

Lee Marshall
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Cousin Brucie?  A good man.

SOWNY » The Most Popular Radio Formats Of 2018 » January 8, 2019 8:34 pm

Lee Marshall
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RadioActive wrote:

Country is a huge format out in the western part of Canada. Again, Toronto has seemed immune to its charms for a long time. I'm not sure we'll ever know why. Perhaps someone will take another stab at it in the future and do it so well, it'll finally make its mark here.

I'll tell you what the problem is...and remember I've researched all of this multiple times.  REAL country fans are 'OK' with NEW Country but they want their oldies absolutely.  You eliminate the classics and you're screwed.  New 'Country' is just wanna-be Rock 'n' Roll with a meaningless piece of straw stuck 'tween' yer teeth twang.  It needs to be tempered meaningfully to work in most Canadian markets where there's only gonna be one/1 Country station per market.  [if that].  In tiny markets it's better to totally forget top 30 and only go with a country mix.  [or classic hits/classic Rock]  Why?  The younger people have all left for 'the city' and the school 'kids' don't much listen to the radio anymore.

'Corporate' don't know shit from shinola and the 'audience' ain't happy.

SOWNY » The Most Popular Radio Formats Of 2018 » January 8, 2019 8:23 pm

Lee Marshall
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RadioAaron wrote:

Lee Marshall wrote:


Bell wants to know what we want?  Sure they do.  Clowns.  How to take a network down in 4 years.  THAT's what they know.


Nothing personal, I'm sure 

What???  My first criticism of 'the place' and what?  After almost 5 years I don't get to have an opinion?  That's bullshit.  When it comes to TV?  They haven't got a clue. The real television minds left not too terribly long after the 2010 Olympics and my old boss Rick Lewchuk headed south shortly thereafter.  It's been a clown show ever since. They've been treading water in marginally congealed jello ever since.  It is what it isn't.

SOWNY » TV Weatherman Fired For Racial Slur. But Was He Just Tongue Tied? » January 8, 2019 6:47 pm

Politically correct is a KILLER.  And I'm a liberal if not further left.  Many of my best friends/people I'm absolutely closest to are Jamaican, of French origin or are First Nation.  Immigrants rank well up into the equation as well as 'new' [the last 170 years] Canadians.  In other words I don't give a ''flyer'.  People are people if you give 'em a chance.  We all want the same thing outta life.  We're all the same, 'cept for Habs fans.  This guy got dinged.

Geez.  In a big city like T.O. I woulda thought that most people would have experienced something posiitve about their neighbours and not just followed the headlines about the less than representative bad apples.  We all have our bad apples don't we.

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