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Thu Sep 13 5:08 pm  #1

Whatever Happened to Bruce Marshall?

A former SOWNY poster and Toronto jock is seeking a new gig in an entirely different arena


Thu Sep 13 5:52 pm  #2

Re: Whatever Happened to Bruce Marshall?

I liked his principled input on this board.


Thu Sep 13 10:37 pm  #3

Re: Whatever Happened to Bruce Marshall?

On this board he was quite the shit disturber.  Sometimes, he could be downright irritating.

But to his credit, he:

1.  Made it quite clear his goal was to stir the pot as much as possible since it would get a rise out of people.

2.  Never hid behind a pseudonym.   There are very valid reasons why some people need to keep their identities on the down-low but you have to give the guy credit for being bombastic and being up-front about his identity.

3.   He did have principles and stuck to them.

Good luck to him.