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Wed Sep 5 4:14 pm  #1

Repeated mistakes

I like 640 radio.  I listen to it a lot of the time, and enjoy the live hosts and the programs.  However, I have to take exception to today's weather reports following the news.  At least 5 times this afternoon, I have heard Danny Longo do the news on the hour (or is it half-hour) and every single weather report has given today's weather (hot and sticky), tomorrow's weather (chance of rain), and 'Thursday's' weather, which is sunny.  Problem is, their Thursday is actually FRIDAY.  How can this stupid mistake not get caught all day long?  It's maddening to hear the same screw-up time after time.


Wed Sep 5 10:31 pm  #2

Re: Repeated mistakes

These days weather specialists report out of home, or from a distance away. The solution? Keep your weather app handy.