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Sun May 13 11:00 am  #1

Radio colleges: Stop hiring former radio professionals

The city I live in has a college that offers "radio arts".  I've always found it baffling that the path to hiring educators in the field is hiring former radio pro's.  Now before everyone goes off on me I'm not trying to diminish years of collective wisdom/experience.  I am saying it seems pointless to hire educators whose best success are behind them.  I have to wonder how many just take the gig solely for the benefits & ride life out comfortably until they get the gold watch. 

Example, radio school might make you produce a 10 minute piece on a subject.  Exactly where is that relevant unless you're working at CBC?  Why does no one seem to think out of the box.  Radio still focuses on giving away trips or telling us about the new Shawn Mendes album..forgetting that no one even buys an album anymore.  And the industry should be teaching young people to think outside the box & build their own brand.  You will never work your entire life in radio but you can work your entire life in some form of broadcasting.  And every radio student should be thoroughly educated in visual media. Maybe if they educated a few kids to think outside the box one of them might become the next Elon Musk & actually do something different and interesting that would change the industry versus giving me the unlikely shot of winning another trip to Mexico. 



Sun May 13 9:42 pm  #2

Re: Radio colleges: Stop hiring former radio professionals

I like the idea. I've never worked in radio, aside from volunteering in community radio for a short while. So I'd make an excellent hire to train tomorrow's bright young crop of radio broadcasters. My best successes in radio are yet to come!

On the other hand, I must admit I do own a radio. Aside from the one in my car. Hope that doesn't jeopardize my future teaching career...