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Sun Jan 28 4:05 am  #1

Ad for "Next" deodorant on SNL about covers it

In this hyper politically correct world we publicly live in, there is still, thankfully, the brave gang at Saturday Night Live. The writers took all the events of the last few months and gave them the bass in a blender treatment.

Last night the show featured Will Ferrell in an ad for "Next" deodorant, in a spoof for men accused of sexual harrassment. The ad portrayed an actor, a stand-up comedian, and a business man, Ferrell, all in the throes of being exposed for their actions. The tagline's along the lines of you may be disgusting but your pits won't be. Dry humour indeed.

With women as diverse as Germaine Greer, Catherine Deneuve, and Wendy Williams vociferously pointing out the flaws/over zealous nature of #MeToo, and SNL's humourous approach, the riptide might be turning.

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Sun Jan 28 5:06 am  #2

Re: Ad for "Next" deodorant on SNL about covers it