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Wed Oct 25 12:24 pm  #1

CRTC Warns Toronto FM Station Its Licence Could Be At Stake

I don’t know how many here ever listen to G98.7, aka CKFG, the urban station in Toronto. But it’s obvious the CRTC hasn’t heard what it wants from them.
At a hearing scheduled for January 11, 2018, the Commission is going to question whether the owners, Intercity Broadcasting, understand exactly what they were licenced to do.

It lists a large number of non-compliance issues it says the station is guilty of, including not filing “complete and accurate” program logs, not submitting its financial returns in time, not playing enough promised World Beat and International music (the owners have asked for the level to be reduced from 50% to just 37% if the licence is renewed) and not detailing how it has “fulfilled its programming requirements in serving the Caribbean and African communities of Toronto with its spoken word programming and musical format." Just to name a few. 

Because of the number of violations, the CRTC appears to be waiting to hear an explanation before taking action. And it could be serious.
“Given the number of instances of apparent non-compliance and the instances of non-compliance …  the Commission could conclude that the licensee has demonstrated that it does not understand its regulatory obligations. Because of this, coupled with the fact that the Commission has already required corrective measures by the licensee during the current licence term with which the licensee does not appear to have complied, the Commission has concerns regarding the licensee’s ability and commitment to operate the station in a compliant manner."
I doubt they’d pull the licence over this, but at the very least during the hearing, as Ricky Ricardo might say, “they got some splainin’ to do.”

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