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Fri Oct 6 6:09 pm  #1

25 Years of great moments in sports...

I am surprised that no one has posted a story about the Fan 590's 25th anniversary that happened this past week...but it is really quite an amazing feat.

They have beaten off TSN 1050, they do better than AM640, they have had staying power for an AM station, plus they have had some brilliant moments of broadcasting memories.

Some of my faves were the Joe Carter home run in the 93 World Series, or tuning in after the Boston Marathon tragedy to Prime Time Sports and hear a different perspective on that breaking news story...or the summer days staying tuned to Tom and Jerry call a ball game...and Joe Bowen, cry out "Holy Mackinaw"!

So, a few things for this is here is a link to a clip from Monday's 25th anniversary celebration event at the Pint House...with a bunch of past hosts, guests, stories and memories...

I have shared a few memories, what are your favourite Fan 590 or sports broadcasting memories and do you think their success ends when Bob McCown calls it quits?


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Fri Oct 6 9:45 pm  #2

Re: 25 Years of great moments in sports...

There's a joke here, but I'm not man enough to make it.


Sat Oct 7 12:39 pm  #3

Re: 25 Years of great moments in sports...

Here are just a few of the voices that make Sportsnet 590 the FAN worth listening to now.

Jeff Marek, Nick Kypreos, Doug MacLean, Daren Millard, John Shannon and Stephen Brunt for hockey. And Steve Dangle and Adam and Jesse, can't not mention those guys...(the Steve Dangle podcast is a hoot. Ron McLean was a guest on the last one, and he was honest and insightful about his broadcasting career.)

Hockey Central @ Noon and the Saturday version from 5pm to 2am are a great escape from a so-so day and a lifesaver during a tough one.

Ben Ennis and JD Bunkis are worth tuning in to weekday afternoons.

Joey Vendetta is a sure thing whenever he fills in.

Bobcat? Like Stafford, he makes it look easy, is taken for granted, and we won't appreciate just how good he was, until he's no longer on-air.

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