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Thu Sep 21 4:28 am  #1

Calling Elvis (Duran)

Hey radio friends... anyone know where a guy can find the video of Elvis Duran coaching a contest winner while he was recording the call (and, if memory serves, threatening to take the prize away if they didn't bring their energy level up and sound more excited)?

At least... I think it was Elvis.  But I spent half an hour going down a rabbit hole on YouTube looking for it to no avail.

I figure if you people can't help me, I'll have to reach out to Dan O'Day or somebody.


Mon Sep 25 1:25 pm  #2

Re: Calling Elvis (Duran)

Nothing to see or hear there. 
Every jock does this.
They want the listener/winner to go bananas.
It's a promotion to generate excitement.


Mon Sep 25 1:31 pm  #3

Re: Calling Elvis (Duran)


But the Duran video is good instruction for those who haven't seen it done properly. Which is why I'm trying to locate it.

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