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Fri Sep 15 8:11 pm  #1


Why when you can get umpteen clear channels on a digital hd carrier would CBC be easing into 1972 by adding a Tamil SCA channel. Surely they will be digital within the year

Who's buying the receivers ?

IMHO someone is getting bad advice. Maybe the same brain trust who lied to the CRTC about 740 being a bad signal.

Check out what CJSA is doing. This is the way it should be.

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Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.

Sat Sep 16 8:34 am  #2


ig wrote:

Who's buying the receivers ?

I even wondered if anyone is still making SCMO receivers...

If there was ever a good application for HD Radio in Canada you'd think it would be CBC Toronto. For one thing, they could place CJBC on HD2.



Wed Sep 20 10:16 am  #3


And the word on the CBC's SCMO is: "no."

The CRTC has decided that the CBC won't be able to add this service, primarily because it would affect an existing newcomer, namely CJRK-FM in Scarborough. (Not sure having the word "Jerk" as your call letters is the best idea, but it still beats CKNT!) 

"The Commission acknowledges that CJRK-FM only began operations in September 2016 and has not yet had a chance to establish itself in the market" it notes in the decision. The fact this station doesn't report its earnings (or lack of them) until the end of November also played a role. CJSA-FM, another Toronto ethnic outlet, also submitted an intervention to the plan.

Another factor in the outcome: Brampton. The Commission recently did a study on whether that city could absorb another radio station (after having just licenced one for 1350, not yet on the air) and concluded it couldn't - and that because CBL-FM's signal reaches that market, it would be defying its own conclusion.

I found it interesting that the CBC lost this one, which is unusual in itself. And in its comments, even the CRTC noted that this time, it wasn't business as usual.

" an exception to its normal policy, the Commission denies the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for authority to use the SCMO channel of CBL-FM Toronto to broadcast a predominantly Tamil-language radio service."

CRTC decision


Wed Sep 20 11:57 am  #4


It's been years since I followed regulatory policy but I can't recall an SCMO application ever being denied - certainly not because of a competitive threat to a conventional broadcaster.

What bothers me about the tone of the application, and the corresponding denial, is the legitimizing of a sun-setting technology (SCMO). To me, it's only pragmatic to acknowledge that HD Radio is going to roll out in Canada. Eventually. With that in mind, perhaps a final bullet point of the denial would be something to the effect: "Finally, going forward the Commission encourages the applicant to propose secondary services on a digital platform, namely IBOC."

I know, I know,,, HD Radio is expensive to implement and the number of vehicles supporting it is still low. It hasn't captured the imagination of the listening public. I think HD Radio's success hinges on increasing the awareness of the benefits. I don't know what CBC's budget is like for digital radio but over the air radio is comparatively cheap and digital OTA is incredibly efficient. Countries like Norway have done a hard cut-over to digital this year. They see the spectral efficiency and the improved listener experience.

I was a big supporter of DAB and am well aware of how and why it failed. IBOC was always viewed as an inferior technology but it's the only feasible digital technology we have now. Also, in its defense, IBOC has evolved a great deal since the demise of DAB in Canada.

With the eventual full digitization of our FM band (i.e.: no more co-existence with a 60+ year old analogue technology), broadcasters have the opportunity to do some incredible things. Revenue generating things.

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