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Wed Sep 13 6:53 pm  #1

Gene Valaitis

Congratulations Gene!!!  New morning man at Roundhouse Radio; in Vancouver.


Wed Sep 13 10:15 pm  #2

Re: Gene Valaitis

You scared the shit out of me.  I thought to myself, I just heard him on Humble and Fred

Jody Thornton
Q:  What did one 45 say to the other?
A:  Are you "single"?

Thu Sep 14 6:36 am  #3

Re: Gene Valaitis

Surprisingly this isn't a death notification. 


Thu Sep 14 11:01 am  #5

Re: Gene Valaitis

It's his "Life after radio". 


Thu Sep 14 12:48 pm  #6

Re: Gene Valaitis

I wish Gene well.  I've known him since his Toronto days at CHUM.  We're friends on Facebook.  Happy to see he's going to continue his west coast lifestyle in my city.
I hope he can help Roundhouse.
It's the only station ever to have zeros in the PPM ratings here.
Coverage is limited pretty much to downtown Vancouver.
Terry David Mulligan also has shows on the station.
I keep hoping they will do better but lately the station has been bleeding talent.