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Fri Jul 14 10:49 am  #1

Radio Dropped From BIA/Kelsey's Top 5 Ad Revenue Producers

The graphic below affirms the rocketing ascent of mobile – pretty much ubiquitous (just like radio), measures sales results for advertisers (NOT like radio).  There are multiple systems/strategies/tools that do so; but as an industry, radio's not using them.   

One of Canada's celebrated VPs of Sales, and a well-known major market DOS, told me that pushing for radio to be held accountable for sale results is too polarizing. That's astonishing, considering that radio continues along what is essentially its inflation-adjusted, flat-lining revenue path.

Personally, I've found it easier to generate sales when one can deliver documented advertiser sales results in the millions in small markets and hundreds of millions in major markets.

Why aren’t more of us doing so for every advertiser? What will it take to get others off their blessed assurance and take action and put radio in its rightful revenue place as the pre-need, pre-search, pre-purchase catalyst of consumer activity, and capture more ad dollars in the process?

Please share your answers as to what you're doing to use radio to document client results, to help all of us in the industry.  Radio can grow by leaps and bounds – when it’s done right.

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Andy McNabb