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Sat Jul 8 12:10 pm  #1

Claude Hall, Former Billboard Radio-TV Editor Passes Away

[Via AA]

CLAUDE HALL, longtime radio-TV editor for BILLBOARD magazine, best-known for coining the term "easy listening" to describe the sound of NEW YORK's WPIX in 1965, passed away this morning (7/7).  

CLAUDE HALL'S INTERNATIONAL RADIO REPORT was a radio industry trade publication founded by the BILLBOARD radio columnist in 1978 to provide industry news and airplay lists from major radio stations.

HALL was also the author of "Radio Wars," an e-book available as a download on the internet. 
Said ANDREW CLARK HALL, one of his sons, "He is getting ready for the LONGHORNS up in the sky and hanging with his radio buddies."


Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.