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Wed Jul 5 8:19 am  #1

Lawsuit Alleges Toxic Nightmare Exists Behind The Scenes At CRTC

An extensive 159-page filing with the court alleges the atmosphere at the upper levels of the CRTC is downright toxic and that it’s a terrible place to work. The details are outlined in a fascinating column by David Farrell in an column that's definitely worth a read.
It all involves Raj Shoan, the controversial former CRTC commissioner for Ontario, who was fired, reinstated by a court and then promptly let go again the same week. He’s trying to get his job back using the legal system.
From the article:
“Shoan alleges that one former commissioner exhibited a pattern of wanton harassment of colleagues.
At various times he cites the former peer describing colleagues as ‘a scraggly hag,' and a ‘maggot.' He further suggests this person had complained after meeting with ethnic broadcasters that the office ‘smelled like curry,' sought new hotel accommodations because ‘there were 'too many black people’ in the one assigned and, allegedly, characterized Shoan as a ‘spoiled rich brown kid who probably grew up with servants.'
The document also argues that former Chairman JP Blais acted more like an overlord who grabbed more executive authority than was vested in the position "intended by Parliament.”
He also alleges that due process was bypassed to terminate his position as a dissenting commissioner, in what some might conclude had become an autocracy after reading the file.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court, although you have to wonder - if what he says is true, why in the world would he want to go back there?

Shoan Fights Back Over 2nd Dismissal From CRTC: Court Doc Alleges Outrageous Behaviour At Gatineau Tower