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Sun Jun 18 4:14 pm  #1

Ex-City TV Veteran Turns Up On TSN Radio

I have to admit that I haven’t listened to TSN 1050 since they were playing the Beatles on that frequency, so forgive me if this isn’t new. It is to me.
This afternoon, I was surprised to hear an old City TV and BT veteran doing a sports update after a CFRB newscast. It was John Whaley, who worked for what seems like an eternity on the old CityPulse and for a while on Breakfast Television.
One of his problems back then was that he liked to try and write very creative stuff – “The Canuckleheads beat the Creatures of “Hab”-its in Montreal tonight, winning by a little deuce coup in overtime…” etc. The stuff was original but it got so convoluted that you often couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
His sportscasts on 1010’s Sunday afternoon were a lot more mainstream and I think he’ll find things will work out a lot better if he keeps doing that. John is a really nice guy and our paths have crossed over the years, so it was nice to hear him back on the air. 


Mon Jun 19 8:01 am  #2

Re: Ex-City TV Veteran Turns Up On TSN Radio

I heard Claude Feig doing weekend morning news a couple of weekends back on 1010.

The one that still stands out for me was eons ago when I heard the late Bill Walker doing weekend news on 1010. That one stopped me in my tracks...

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