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Tue Jun 13 8:12 pm  #1

43-Year CJOY Veteran Calling It Quits On Friday

I have to admit I've never heard of this guy, but if he survived doing news at one station for 43 years, that's a major milestone in this day and age. There are fewer and fewer of them with every passing year.
Neill Clemens, Guelph radio voice sure to be missed


Tue Jun 13 11:11 pm  #2

Re: 43-Year CJOY Veteran Calling It Quits On Friday

Not only did he survive 43 years at the same station, but two ownership changes as well -- the current owners being Corus.

As an aside, the writer of the piece, Paul Osborne, also worked at CJOY/CKLA doing news/sports in the 1980s.  He's now a bigwig at Conestoga College.  I had the pleasure of working with both gentlemen in the 80s at the station.

It's amazing how so many "small markets" have folks who not only made names for themselves, but carved out comfortable careers for themselves without venturing into the "big smoke".  Guelph is one of those markets that had a number of local personalities over the years.

Happy retirement Neil.


Wed Jun 14 7:15 am  #3

Re: 43-Year CJOY Veteran Calling It Quits On Friday

I too crossed paths with Neill (or Newt as we called him) as well as Paul "Oz" Osborne and Peter The K at CJOY/CKLA in the 80's.  All great guys and great talents.  I was always amazed at Newt's constitution -- up at the crack of stupid every day and seeming to exist on caffeine and nicotine.  He always sounded great with classic newscaster pipes. And he was the only person I've ever seen who would take a drag from his smoke during a newscast (while playing a carted clip of course).
Congratulations Newt.  You deserve a long and relaxing retirement.